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Paddle your way to paradise!

Here’s your chance to seek serene waterscapes while you indulge in adventure!
Out to Nature provides professionally guided kayak tours on the Pachagangavali River Delta, Mangrove Forest around Kodi Kundapur, where 5 rivers meet!Experience the beauty of nature at this picturesque ecosystem that is home to many species of flora and fauna, birds, crabs and aquatic animals – including the famous river otters and dolphins!

Hop aboard our high quality imported equipment as you are guided by professionally certified instructors for a safe and secure experience… and get ready to make unforgettable memories at an unbeatable price!

Our Vision

Provide life-changing adventurous experiences amidst nature in a professional, safe and sustainable manner

We offer high quality imported equipment’s guided by passionate certified instructors who can ensure international safety standards and professionally designed rides for all. Guaranteeing unique experiences and unforgettable memories at reasonable price. 

Our Standards

  • Safety: Out to Nature envisions to create industry standards when it comes to adventure sports, by following the highest safety standards and strict safety procedures. Out to Nature employs well-trained, certified staff with instructional safety trainings before each and every kayak tour. Each tour will have a safety guideline specifically drafted and followed by Out to Nature personnel.
  • Quality: The quality of the packages by Out to Nature has high standards when it comes to the activities, equipment used, activities planned and environmental friendly guidelines. The rich flora and fauna and the sensitive ecosystem of the estuaries are our primary focus in saving the habitats by highlighting the pollution and erosion due to human footprint. Out to Nature works closely with the state’s Forest Department in supporting the conservation ofmangrove forests and keeping it safe by following awareness about the issues and making the trips completely environment friendly.
  • Professionalism: Out to nature approach to adventure sports and nature activities will have a professional approach, giving high priority to knowledge about the sports/ activities. Our trained staff will be able to cater to the high standard tourists be following safety and professional guidelines

Our Philosophy :

In today’s stressful world, our connection with nature has dramatically decreased. Our city-centric and digital lifestyles have led to most of us being sedentary – with higher levels of addiction to technology and the every-frantic competitive pace.

Out to nature offers a unique opportunity for both young and old to take a break from a routine life and reconnect with nature. By doing thus, we can regain our vitality, revitalize our mind, body and soul, and rejuvenate ourselves through Mother Earth’s healing touch.

At Out to Nature, we strive to help each individual build a closer connection to nature and be more aware to the sensitive natural balance that is required to preserve it – for us and for our future generations.

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