Due to prevailing Covid conditions, everyone in our office must wear a face mask. We will be happy to provide a mask for those who are not carrying it. Feel free to remove it once you begin your tour. For your safety, all equipment is sanitized every day.

We strictly prohibit consuming or carrying alcohol before or during the tour. However, water, juice or soft drinks are welcome.

We always recommend closed toe water shoes or sneakers since the tours will require your feet getting wet and also walking alongside the shore. Dress according to the weather, while we recommend athletic or adventure clothing that dries fast. You can even bring your swimming costume or swimming trunks or choose to swim with regular clothes We also recommend wearing a hat, sunglasses, and ample amount of high SPF sunscreen.

Out To Nature does not provide any lockers. Please try to leave purses and handbags and other bulky items at home, in your hotel or car. While experiencing nature, less is always more. For other equipment like phones or cameras, please carry any adequate waterproof protection. We provide chargeable drybags on request (Rs.150/bag) and waterproof phone cases  (Rs.100/case)

We run our tours rain or shine! However, in case of inclement weather that may be deemed unsafe by our instructors, we reserve the right to cancel any tour and issue a full refund. The decision is made a day prior to your tour date (as close as we can get to look at the weather forecast). We will either send out a confirmation for your tour or inform you of further options like change of schedule in case of cancellation. Please see our cancelation and change policies for more details.

All Out To Nature prices are per person. We do ask you as a courtesy and for your comfort whether you prefer a single or a double kayak. If you have younger children along, we may require them to be in a tandem (double) kayak with a parent. In such cases too, charges per person will apply.

You are going to be asked several times whether you want to be in a single or a double kayak. Unlike some other tour operators, Out to Nature will never require an adult to be in a double kayak if you prefer not to.However, if you are a couple or a family and have never been kayaking or it’s been a while since you’ve hit the gym, we thoroughly recommend that you consider a double kayak. If you have booked the tour on your own, you are welcome to join a guide in a double. Not only are double kayaks easier to paddle, they are less likely to flip. The more chance there is of wind on your tour, the more you ought to consider using a double. If you weigh less than 120lbs and do not regularly work on upper body strength, you may also want to consider a double kayak. However, since life jackets are worn compulsory, safety is taken care of even for single kayakers.

Although we do not offer child rates, children of certain ages and abilities are welcome on our tours. We sincerely believe children need to connect with nature at the earliest. Hence, we are open to discuss with parents before booking. On the half and full-day tour, children 16 years and older are usually fine in a single kayak, provided that they either have previous kayak experience or are very athletic. The half and full-day tour may not be technically difficult, but it is strenuous. Children less than 16 years old should be in a double kayak with a parent for the half and full-day tour. The full-day tour is not suitable for kids under 14.

The half-day tour is where children have the most fun. For those above 14 years who are athletic, can be on a single kayak on the half-day tour unless weather conditions are considered otherwise. If the weather report calls for any wind during your tour, we strongly advise families to use double kayaks for their children. Unaccompanied children 16 or older canbe booked on our half-day tour with the prior approval of the Out to Nature Paddle Head Guid


There is always a possibility of seeing some of the wildlife during our tours; as we will be in the Estuary, Mangrove and River Mouth Area. Our guides are habitually on the lookout to spot birds, river otters and dolphins. Remember,if we do encounter any wildlife, we must respect all animals and plants and would ask you to refrain from feeding them.

Whether this is your first time in a kayak, or a seasoned veteran, we invite everyone with all or no skill levels to enjoy the beautiful Gangoli River and its backwaters, mangroves, and the Arabian Sea! The calm waters mingling with gentle waves at the river mouth is a highly unique and memorable experience. However, we do ask that you consider your athletic ability on the Half or full-day tour, since it requires extensive paddling with or without a tidal current to assist you and often against the prevailing winds. If you are concerned about the distance and your athletic ability, we do offer a half-day tour with almost all of the beauty and fun of the full day!

It is always a possibility that we will encounter some wind on the tour. Your instructor will give you a brief before the start of the tour on what to expect and how to deal with any eventuality. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to cancel our tours because of bad weather conditions. For us, safety is paramount. Any cancellation due to such issues will be full refunded or rescheduled as per your preference.

We provide you with top of the line 8 foot recreational kayaks that glide on the water. You are sacrificing speed that you would normally get with longer touring kayaks. Flipping, although rare, does happen from time to time. All of our guides are trained to get you back into your Kayaks safely, and in a timely fashion. Fear not: the water is not cold and you may actually enjoy a nice dip!

The answer to this one is easy, YES! At least in knee deep in water, if not a full dip! Please dress accordingly with bathing suits and non-cotton t-shirts. We highly recommend wearing athletic type clothing that can dry fast. On full day tours that go to islands, you can enjoy a swim.

If you are willing to face your fears of the water, we are willing to take you. As laid down by the Karnataka Tourism Policy and Out to Nature Safety Guidelines, you are required to wear a life jacket when on the water at all times, irrespective of your swimming skills. As long as you comply with the instructor’s safety instructions, even if you can’t swim, no problem. Hop aboard!

We provide you with enough water and snacks on all of our longer duration tours, but you are more than welcome to bring your own for shorter duration tours (except alcohol).

Absolutely! You will have breath-taking scenic views all day, no matter which tour you decide to go on. If you are worried about ruining your camera or your smartphone please bring a dry bag or rent or purchase a waterproof phone case at our store before the tour.

We don’t have a set weight limit because fitting in a kayak has more to do with your body shape than your weight. Similarly, being able to handle the full-day tour has more to do with your athletic ability and upper body strength than your weight. In fact, smaller guests with little arm strength might have more of a challenge than large guests with good upper body strength. However, if you are concerned, please let us know and we would be happy tohelp you decide.

Get your pet along and we would be happy to host them with you on pet-friendly designed trips for a fun day out in the water.